Koh Klang Krabi

Koh Klang”…the village of the Old Krabi.

This fisherman island located by Krabi River, it is still relatively undiscovered and offers visitors a tropical, unspoiled paradise. The island is nestled among mangrove forests, a mere five-minute ride by longtail boat from Krabi Town’s Pier.

Koh Klang is not just a place for sightseeing, but a base from which you can enjoy numerous activities to help create an unforgettable visit. We provide rides around the island that help you enjoy great vistas. We take you to see how we build Hua Tong (longtail) boats, do the batik & dye fabric and to help you enjoy fishing, digging for shellfish, catching the abundant squid, shrimp and crabs with the locals. We give you the opportunity to grill seafood, try savoury local cuisine, rest in a homestay with the locals and generally immerse yourself in an authentic and fun-filled Koh Klang experience.

This island getaway will make you feel refreshed in a place where floral batik sarongs still remain more common than Bikinis and Speedos, and where there are no cars to pollute your holiday. You will get around the island by motor rickshaw, scooters and it’s a paradise for all bicycling lovers.

You may slip into this place easily that it may be one of your favorite trip in memmory.

…Once you visit Koh Klang

…More you will love Krabi.

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