Years of erosion from wind and water have created spectacular shapes on the cliff surface of Khao Karose, Krabi.

Khao Karose, or also known as the Canyon of the Two-Emotion Monster, is a cliff eroded by wind, rain, and water until the surface appears like a monster’s face. In the morning, shades and shadows from the eastern sunrise make a grieving ogre while the evening rays will create a haunting smiling monster. Paintings of Pi-Taa-Khon and black witches on white limestone can be found nearby, staring at new visitors day after day.

How to get there: Start from Krabi

The high season of this attraction is between late November and May. Drive from Krabi for 45 km. along the public road no. 4 (Petkasem Road), turn left at public road no. 4039 for another 14 km. and then take a boat from Baan Laem Sak port to Khao Karose.

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